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27 Feb


Our micro greens on the plate

25 Feb

We had lunch with some friends who made us some incredibly tasty chipotle chicken sandwiches. The micro greens are red cabbage.

Expanding Peas

21 Feb


A day later after soaking in water.

2-15-13 Delivery

15 Feb

Snowy Delivery 2-12-13

13 Feb

We had a surprise snow day in okc. Well, it wasn’t a surprise to anyone who had looked at a weather forecast, but I was surprised.

Our neighbor’s snowman.

A huge snowflake. There were much larger but I was cold and tired of waiting for a big one to fall on the greens.

This is our new sifting station that Seth made. We will use this to separate the larger particles out of the coconut coir.

Top shelf and mutant carrot

8 Feb

This is what the top shelf of our aquaponics system looks like at the moment.

We found this carrot a few days ago while preparing the raised bed for this spring’s planting. It was left in from last spring. It looks like an alien burst out the other side.



7 Feb