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In the works.

18 Mar

Here is our mostly complete apartment aquaponics system. We have a 55 gallon aquarium, a 1′ x 14″ x 5′ grow bed filled with hydroton, and a 35 gallon sump tank. The aquarium is constantly fed by the pump, then it feeds the grow bed by way of a bridge siphon with j hooks, and the grow bed uses a bell siphon to feed the sump tank. We’ll put the finishes touches on it when we get back from our honeymoon.


3-15-13 Delivery

16 Mar


Kogane and Spicy Mustard Micro Greens for breakfast

13 Mar



Coming soon…

11 Mar

Kitchen Worm Bin

8 Mar

3-5-13 Delivery

7 Mar

Wild Broccoli Rapini

5 Mar

I found this broccoli rapini growing wild in the neighborhood south of us. It was tasty.